Best PFF Shorts for 2020, awards announced

The Jury comprised of Stefan Palitov, Stanisław Liguziński and Stefan Vidikov has decided upon a long and careful deliberation:

Best Shorts for 2020 on PFF are……


⚜️ OSLO by dir. Shady Srour

Jury Award for Best Short Film on PFF 2020

(receiving the “Golden Owl” and a symbolic financial award)

SEE THE FILM HERE (until 31 May, geoblocked for MK):

OSLO is a patient multilayered meditation on existentialism, crafted with a masterful command of a directing technique. It lets the viewer in on a negotiation on what is humane and humanitarian, questioning the human condition. It is in the suspended undying of the protagonist that the movie transcends its local context and allows for a vicious triangle of morals, apathy and necessity to unfold; an experience of a reduced human perseverance.” (PFF Jury 2020)


⚜️ PINKY PROMISE (Das Mensch) by dir. Sophie Linnenbaum

Special Mention “Stefan Sidovski – Sido” (plakette “Stefan Sidovski-Sido”)

SEE THE FILM HERE (until 31 May, geoblocked for MK):

PINKY PROMISE subverts the upper class lethargy with a playful deconstruction of the tyranny of social contracts. Discursively confronting political fundamentals, it moves skillfully between the comical register and a much-needed reflection on personal and collective responsibility. Reducing principles to an absurd grandstanding, the film reveals the ritual of an intergenerational initiation into the status quo. Delivered with an entertaining intensity, this serves as a reminder for a need to rise to the challenge and denounce historical inertia for a critical reimagining of the present.” (PFF Jury 2020)

We congratulate both authors and their casts & crew in creating these inspiring and contemplative pieces of work and we are very curious about Shady’s and Sophie’s next projects! Stay tuned tomorrow noon for an interview with the winning authors, led by Prof. Aleksandar Prokopiev…


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