Short FIlms 1 & encounter with Manchevski (22/05)

22/05 Friday

Short FIlms 1 & encounter with Milcho Manchevski 

19h00, films / 21h30, encounter with Milcho Manchevski
Zoom link:
[the conversation with Manchevski will be in Macedonian, but questions can also be posed and answered in English]

An evening with the 1st part of the Official Selection of Short Films (selector: Dr. Dejan Zdravkov) and a screening of the short experimental film “Thursday” by Milcho Manchevski. After the screening of the film, and the first night of PFF shorts, if you want to join us #inthesametime (if not in the same place :)), we will meet live with Milcho Manchevski on Zoom, in a spontaneous conversation about his work, his love for experimental film and conceptual art, his student days when it all started, and what Milcho does during the Covid-19 crisis and what is he preparing in the next period. In the conversation you will be able to participate through the Zoom link above at 21h30 and you will be able to get involved with your questions.

The Films from the 1st Short FIlms Evening*:

THURSDAY (2013), special screening
USA, 1:30 min.
director: Milcho Manchevski

Life Is Elsewhere. Masses moving across the sweltering concrete, to the glass towers and into the subway mouths, eyes glued to the little screens, inhaling the images from halfway around the globe, oblivious to the life at their own feet. When our reality is the megalopolis, the real or the virtual (internet) environment of hyper sensations, THURSDAY reminds us of the importance of focusing our “absent perceptions” on the real, the essential, the meaningful. This short experimental film by Manchevski, which is a continuation of his fascination with this film form since his student days, was shot in New York in 2013 and premiered at the Venice Film Festival’s “Venice 70 – Future Reloaded” program as part of the celebration of its 70th edition.

MILCHO MANCHEVSKI wrote and directed the feature films Willow (2019), Bikini Moon (2017), Mothers (2010), Shadows (2007), Dust (2001), Before the Rain (1994) and over 50 short forms, including the awarded: The End of Time (2017), Thursday (2013), 1.73 (1984) and the music video Tennessee (1991) for Arrested Development (which The Rolling Stone placed on the list of the 100 best videos ever). He has also been a director on HBO’s The Wire (2002). So far, he had three solo exhibitions of photographs, published works of fiction, books of photographs and staged performance art. Before the Rain won an Academy-Award nomination and thirty awards, including Golden Lion for Best Film in Venice. The New York Times included the film on its list of the best 1,000 films ever made. His films are part of the curricula at numerous universities worldwide, and have been discoursed at a number of conferences. He taught and served as Head of Directing Studies at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts’ Graduate Film program, also taught and lectured at a number of universities, cinematheques, art museums and art institutes around the world and holds an honorary doctorate from VGIK in Moscow, Russia. Manchevski’s work has screened at more than three hundred festivals, and has been distributed in more than 50 countries and he has served on festival juries in Venice, Shanghai, Warsaw, Locarno, Teheran, Vilnius, Pula, FEST (Belgrade) etc. After the special screeningс of Dust (PFF 2017) and The End of Time (PFF 2018), Manchevski was a member of the jury at the Philosophical Film Festival in 2019.

More about Milcho Manchevski:


PFF SHORT FILMS 1 (125 min.)

Special Screening:
1. ЧЕТВРТОК (Thursday, 2013), реж. Милчо Манчевски / Milcho Manchevski (US), 1’30’’

Official Selection 2020:

2. ЕДЕН (One / Uno, 2018), реж. Хавиер Марко Рико / Javier Marco Rico (ES), 10′

3. ДА СЕ БИДЕ КАКО БАГЗИ (Being More Like Bagsy, 2018), реж. Микел Сторм Гломштајн / Mikkel Storm Glomstein (NO), 16′

4. КРАДЦИ (Thieves, 2018), реж. Јулиус Кристијан Телмер (DK/US), 14′

5. ПОТ.СЕТИ.МЕ (Re.Mind.Me, 2019), реж. Филип Твардовски / Filip Twardowski (PL), 4′

6. СИВЕ ОВИЕ СУШТЕСТВА (All These Creatures, 2018), реж. Чарлс Вилијамс (AU), 13′

7. БЕСМРТНИТЕ ЈАСТОЗИ (Les Homards Immortels, 2017), реж. Кејт Вое / Kate Voet (BE), 13′

8. РОЗЕВО ВЕТУВАЊЕ (Pinky Promise / Dasmensch, 2019), реж. Софи Линенбаум (DE), 15′

9. АСМИНА (Ashmina, 2018), реж. Декел Беренсон / Dekel Berenson, (NP/IL/UK), 15′

10. КОЈ ЗБОРУВА (Who Talks, 2019), реж. Елин Евергард / Elin Övergaard (SE), 15′

11. ВИКЕНД (Weekend, 2019), реж. Арио Мотеваге / Ario Motevaghe (IR) 7′