Official Selection of Short Films 2022

AND FINALLY!!! We are revealing the ✨Official Selection of Short Films✨ for the 12. Philosophical Film Festival taking place from 1-9 June in Skopje, Macedonia.
From the many films submitted, we are announcing the 16 films which entered the Official Selection. The films will be running for the „Golden Owl“ award for Best Short Film by the Jury and the Audience for 2022, as well as the Special Mention “Stefan Sidovski – Sido” by the Jury, The films are coming from all around the World, and they will open many inspirational philosophical questions and perspectives offering you a truly enjoyable cinematic experience.
WILD WILD VESLØS by Esben Persson, 15′ 🇩🇰
JONI (25, MALE), 3KM AWAY, LIKES TO SWIM by Luis Schubert, 12’ 🇩🇪
NACHTBESUCH by Joana Vogdt, 14’ 🇩🇪
BRANKA by Ákos K. Kovács, 20’ 🇭🇺
SIDERAL by Carlos Segundo, 15′ 🇧🇷🇫🇷
TRUMPETS IN THE SKY by Rakan Mayasi, 15’ 🇱🇧
NORTH POLE by Marija Apchevska, 15’ 🇲🇰🇷🇸
I DON’T LIKE 5 PM by Francisco Dias, 9’ 🇵🇹
THROUGH THE HAZE by Diogo Salgado, 14’ 🇵🇹
THE LAST DAY OF PATRIARCHY by Olmo Omerzu, 16’ 🇨🇿
WITNESS by Ali Asgari, 15’ 🇫🇷🇮🇷
L’HOMME SILENCIEUX (A quiet man) by Nyima Cartier, 14’ 🇫🇷
WARSHA by Dania Bdeir, 16’ 🇫🇷🇱🇧
DUMMY by Laurynas Bareisa, 12’ 🇱🇹
TRAMWAY by Bartosz Reetz, 22’ 🇵🇱
HADRIEN ET NATHALIE by Philibert Gau, 20’ 🇫🇷


Congratulations to all the directors and the crews who worked on the films! In the course of May we will publish details about all the PFF shorts, STAY TUNED!!!

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