13. PFF (2-9 June) – Everything is Cinema, in Plural


In Godardian fashion, playing a little bit with the history(s), or the story(s) of cinema, this year with a tribute to Godard as an inevitable chapter and character in the world cinema history/story, we are happy to announce the 13th edition of your PHILOSOPHICAL FILM FESTIVAL in which the *Focus Godard* will take center stage, with a few rare and extremely valuable cinephile delights that we have prepared for our loyal audience.

This year’s motto, “Everything is cinema, in plural”, at the level of syntax repeats a Godardian procedure: the fast and unexpected editing cut. That is why the comma, which is not a frequent guest in slogans, to us seems quite desirable here.

In eight festival days, we will return to the place and significance of Godard in the great story of cinema, we will see and hear how Godard himself retells cinema’s history through his playfulness with ideas, words and images, but we will also retell some new stories from around the world and from domestic cinema through the Macedonian premieres in the competitive programs of the festival.

With the rich program that we are preparing, divided into the standard festival segments: Special Screenings: Films meets Philosophy, Official Selection of Feature Films, Official Selection of Short Films, 2nd International Conference “Philosophy and Film”, Educational program and the Additional program with Godard’s Focus in 2023, we invite you to a unique film gathering at the Cinematheque of N. Macedonia from 2-9 June 2023.

Expect more promotional events at various locations as a warm-up for the festival. We are looking forward to seeing you again and, in the meantime, you can follow us on our website and social media for all the news related to the 13. Philosophical Film Festival.

(c) The poster was designed by our dear Katerina Teri Nikolovska.

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