Webinar – Points of View: COVID-19 and the Situation with the Film Sector in N. Macedonia


27 May (Wednesday), 11.30, in Macedonian



The Philosophical Film Festival held the 1st webinar in the country which tried to open dialogue, open spaces for exchange of ideas and experiences, and to open perspectives for collaborations of solidarity in Macedonia in the time of the Covid-19 crisis. Cancellation, postponement or online film festivals? How the domestiv and European institutions answered to the Covid-19 crisis? Restraints as a potential for creativity? The “New Normal” and rethinking the film industry? How do we want to imagine the film sector in the future? – are part of the questions on which we discussed with our guests.

We sincerely hope that the discussion will continue throughout the year (perhaps at the summer or autumn festivals) and that with solidarity and creativity we will be looking after solutions that are in favor of everyone in the sector this difficult year. Many thanks to all the panelists!


· Anita Stojcevska (Agency of Film)

· Igor Ivanov (director, MFPA / Мanaki)

· Bistra Georgieva (МEDIA Desk MK)

· Vladimir Lj. Angelov (Cinematheque)

·  Ruse Arsov (Youth Cultural Center / Cinedays)

· Sasha Stanishik (CutAway / Cinesquare)

· Stefan Palitov (director)

· Atanas Georgiev (director / producer)

· Tatjana Janevska (Skopje Film Festival) and

· Darko Nabakov (MakeDox)


Moderator: Ana Dishlieska Mitova

The webinar is primarily intended for the members of the film sector in the country, as well as the media interested in the subject. If you are interested to participate, register yourself on contact@philosophicalfilmfestival.mk only with your name and surname, as well as the name of your company/organization. The confirmation for your participation and the Zoom link for the webinar will be sent to you over e-mail, latest 2 days before the webinar.

The online room for the webinar has a capacity of 100 sears and the participants will be able to pose questions to the guests.