THE PRINCE’S VOYAGE – Film-Philosophy for Children Workshop

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29 May (Saturday)

19:00 Zoom platform, 45 min. (max. 10 participants)
18:00 Zoom platform, 45 min. (max. 10 participants)
* (additional groups will be formed if  max. 10 participants are registered)

Term to participate in the workshop is watching the animated film THE PRINCE’S VOYAGE, with free streaming from 22-29 May in the programme of the Philosophical Film Festival. This workshop is intended for children from the age: 10-12.

The goal of the workshop is, through philosophical thinking of the art of film, to nourish and develop the child’s sense of wonder, curiosity, critical and creative thinking and imagination, based on the principle “there is no wrong answer”, without leading the child or imposing views or standpoints that the chilled itself has not processed through his critical thinking skills. These goals are on the same line with the recommendation of UNESCO which promote the philosophy for children as the base for intercultural dialog and transformation of the society.

The Workshop “Film-Philosophy for Children” will be lead by Martin Popovski (Ph.D.), a pioneer in the field of philosophy with children in Macedonia, promoting and developing the realization of this idea since 2013.

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22 – 29 May
Online projection for children and parents (8+)
THE PRINCE’S VOYAGE (Le voyage du prince, 2019), 77 min., color,
animated film for children, France/Luxemburg
Dir. Jean-François Laguionie, Xavier Picard
Cinesquare platform (max. 100 views)


Laurent, an old Prince of the monkeys, finds himself on the shore of the unknown land Nioukos, after a shipwreck. The twelve-year-old Tom finds him, and his parents shelter Loren. Tom’s parents are scientists forest into exile by their scientific community because they believed in the existence of other monkey civilizations. First, the Prince is subjected to examinations, and then accompanied by Tom goes on a tour of the capital city and the nearby jungle, where he discovers an unknown and magical world. But the Prince also learns the rigid rules that hold in this unordinary world for him.

THE PRINCE’S VOYAGE is a new feature release of the leading French animators Jean-François Laguionie and Xavier Picard whose characters are derived from fantasy to narrate the story of the challenges of the world we live in. THE PRINCE’S VOYAGE was a candidate for the award of the Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival (France) and other festivals for animated films. It’s a philosophical story for the whole family that will be treated on the upcoming Workshop “film-philosophy for children” in the frame of the 11. PFF.