High School Programme

Educational Programme of PFF 2017

The high school programme turns into a traditional segment of the Educational Program of the Philosophical Film Festival. In an attempt to involve all of those who are in touch with philosophy in Macedonia, as well as expanding the scope of the younger audience that can benefit from the practice of philosophy and the promotion of film education, PFF organizes a one-of-a-kind revisiting of a cult film through the specific lens of philosophy, intended for high school students from several high school throughout Macedonia.

This and last year, within the Educational Program of the Festival, there was a projection of high school “video book”, Dr. Strangelove (1964) by Stanley Kubrick and a competition for the best high school phil(m)osophical essay on the topic Technology, Power and (Self)-Destruction: Can We Control the Effects of Our Own Inventions?. Upon watching the film, over the course of three weeks and under the mentorship of their professors from the corpus of philosophical subjects (philosophy, ethics, logic), the students wrote essays on the proposed philosophical topic,  inspired by the “video book” from the 7. edition of PFF. Nine high schools from all over Macedonia took part in the competition: SUGS Gymnasium “Rade Jovcevski Korchagin”, SUGS Gymnasium “Orce Nikolov”, SGGUGS “Zdravko Cvetkovski”, SUGS Gymnasium “Nikola Karev”, SUGS Gymnasium “Josip Broz Tito” and PSU “Yahya Kemal” (from Skopje), High School “Josif Josifovski” from Gevgelija, High School “Koco Racin” from Veles and High School “Mirce Acev” from Prilep. The festival received 72 essays inspired by the film which was projected on February 21st in Kino Frosina, Youth Cultural Center – Skopje. Photos: here.

The commission was comprised of: prof. Prof. Dr. Ana Dimiškovska, Assoc. Dr. Trajce Stojanov and Dr. Trajce Serafimovski reviewed the essays and evaluated them in the following order: Filip Branimir Buksic, from SUGS Gymnasium “Orce Nikolov” – Skopje (mentor: Julijana Jolevska) received the third place, Pavel Gjorgjovski from SUGS Gymnasium “Rade Jovcevski Korchagin” – Skopje (mentor: Daniela Nikolova) the second, and the first place was earned by Ilina Dimovska from the High School “Koco Racin” – Veles (mentor: Bosko Karadzov). On the award ceremony, which was held on April 1st, starting at 13.00 in the Cinematheque of Macedonia, the students were awarded with one-year scholarships from the University of Audiovisual Arts EFTA, cash prizes by donor Mr. Branimir Matevski, philosophical literature from the publishing house Az-Buki, philosophical journals from the Philosophical Society of Macedonia, as well as DVDs with Macedonian films and the journal “Kinopis” from the Cinematheque of Macedonia. The winning essay of Ilina Dimovska will be published within the “High School Forum” section of the “Philosophical Debate” national philosophical journal. All other students received certificates for participation at this year’s competition, and professors received certificates for mentoring the students. Photos: here.

In cooperation with the Cinematheque of Macedonia, a small tour through the Cinematheque and the film archive of Macedonia was organized for the students from the gymnasiums from Veles and Gevgelija coming to Skopje. Photos: here and here.

Congratulations from PFF and PSM to the first awarded students at the competition for best high school phil(m)osophical essay, we are grateful to all high schools, teachers and students for the participation in the 7th Philosophical Film Festival. See you next year!