Presentation of research in the filed of film aesthetics with Vasil Mihajlov, MA

2 June (Thursday)


Europa Prima University

Presentation of research in the field of film aesthetics: „Film objectology (The Power of the Invisible)“with Vasil Mihajlov, MA (in Macedonian language)




MA Thesis: “Aesthetics of the object as the main visual element of the film frame”

VASIL MIHAJLOV, after graduating in 2001, began his career as an actor. He soon began directing and later writing theatre plays and screenplays. In parallel with his artistic career, he is intensively involved in cultural management, production, and informal theater and film education. In 2020, he received his MA degree in Film and Television Directing. He is the author of several published critical reviews. As a theater and film artist, he has been presented on all continents, and some of his directed plays and screenplays have won international awards and recognition. For the past four years he has been living in London, and now he is living between Skopje and his workplace in the theater “Anton Panov” in Strumica, N. Macedonia.