Filmosophy for Children

“What if the World Was Transparent?

– a Simple Guide for Spreading Philosophical Wonder in the Classroom”

Collaborator for Fil(m)osophy for Children: Martin Popovski, PhD


11.04 (Wednesday) 13.00

Faculty of Philosophy, University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” – Skopje

Intro: Philosophy for Children and the experience of introducing it in Denmark with David M. Larsson, philosophy for children specialist and practitioner from Denmark

A theoretical introductory lecture in P4C, its significance in the world and sharing the experience of introducing the practice of philosophy with children in Denmark with the Special guest in the Educational programme of PFF.

The lecture and coming to Macedonia of David M. Larsson is realised with the support of the Faculty of Philosophy, Ss. “Cyril and Methodius in Skopje   


Special Guest in the Educational Programme:

David M. Larsson is a philosophical counselor and practitioner based in Denmark. He earned his MA in Philosophy and Japanese at the Center for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen, where he specialized in phenomenology, philosophy of mind, and Zen Buddhist philosophy. David currently runs a philosophical counseling practice from which he offers counselling to groups and individuals. He also conducts sessions for children in the nonprofit organization Rum for Undren [“Room for Wonder”], which aims to promote Socratic Wonder and critical thinking in schools and kindergartens across Denmark.


11.04 (Wednesday), 17-20.00 h

NGO Center Skopje

P4C workshop for teachers, students and young researchers

An introductory workshop for the practice of philosophy with children in Macedonia for young researchers, students, teachers and other educational stuff interested in developing critical thought in children from the youngest age by using picture books, games, audiovisual materials and short animated films.

Philosophy for Children as a discipline is widely promoted in the world by UNESCO, and the Workshop which will be the first workshop of this kind in Macedonia will be able to receive 20 participants.

12.04 (Thursday) 08.30-14.00

NOVA International Schools (closed event)

Practical demonstration with children (6-7 год.)


Four classes with children from a local English-speaking school to demonstrate the method.

The event is organised in collaboration with NOVA International Schools 





13.04 (Friday) 13.00

Pocket cinema / Youth Cultural Center – Skopje (closed event)

Filmosophy for Children (8-9 years) with Martin Popovski, PhD

An encounter with philosophy through film for the youngest, first of this kind in Macedonia. The moderator, Martin Popovski (PhD in Philosophy) will apply some of the techniques in an experimental film-philosophy class with children from a local school, after watching a short animated film together inspiring a creative and critical reflection on some of the topics in the film.

With the support of the Macedonian-American Alumni Organization 


15.04 (Sunday) 16.00

Cinematheque of Macedonia (for children and parents)  +10

Projection of the film BORDERLESS

BORDERLESS (Borderless / Bedone Marz, 2014) by Iranian film director Amirhossein Asgari is a story in which the protagonists are two children meeting on a no man’s land, between two nameless countries waging a war with each other. They learn to live and help each other amidst the chaos of war, making a little shelter on the rusty ship they turn into their home…