Additional Programme 2019


10.05 (Friday), 23:15
Audiovisual performance by Toni Dimitrov, Dimitar Dodovski and Martin Georgievski
Cinematheque of N. Macedonia

Post Global Trio is an experience. An experience that you can feel on the journey through distant lands. Inside or outside thyself. Image of clear and subtle soundscapes and landscapes. Enter into the woods. Leave the city behind the horizon. Forget about it… Now enter more deeply. In thyself. And find yourself. The way you were before you have long forgotten. The project is created as a continuity of communication, collaboration, the necessity of developing a certain scene. Sound picture of long-term mutual philosophical meditations. Post Global Trio is a project between Toni Dimitrov, Dimitar Dodovski and Martin Georgievski.


12.05 (Sunday), 16:00
Badiou, 2018
– dir. Gorav Kalyan & Rohan Kalyan [US], 83’
Topic: The Badiou Symptom
– Dr. Marija Todoroska, Independent Researcher in Philosophy
(Cinematheque of N. Macedonia)
Nietzsche wrote that any philosophy is always a biography of the thinker. Alain Badiou’s life suggests that the opposite can also be true. From his birth in Morocco to the events of May 1968 in Paris, to his twilight years as a nomadic public intellectual, philosopher Alain Badiou’s own biography is perhaps his most complex and thought-provoking work yet.
With intimate access, filmmakers Gorav and Rohan Kalyan have produced the first feature-length documentary about one of the world’s great living philosophers. By addressing the contradictions in Badiou’s life through cinema, the filmmakers confront the inherent contradictions of cinema itself: thought and action, interiority and exteriority, presence and absence. In order to bring a sense of empathy, clarity, and critique to their complex subject, they must ask a question as old as the medium itself: “Can cinema think?”
The film was a part of the Official selection of Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival in the Czech Republic (2018) and CPH:DOX in Denmark (2019).

More about the film on Badiou and


15.05 (Wednesday), 11:00
Film-Philosophy after Jacques Derrida

Dr. David Sorfa
Amphitheater 4 at the Faculty of Philosophy – Skopje

The work and influence of Derrida has been rather overlooked in contemporary film theory and film-philosophy. Sorfa will present an argument for the importance of Derrida for the future of Film Studies.

*the lecture will be in English
In collaboration with the Faculty of Philosophy – UKIM


16.05 (Saturday), 22:30
Caffe bar Martini – Leptokarija (behind the Cinematheque of N. Macedonia)

The musical landscapes of Silent Spring Quartet are moving in the spaces between experimental, improvisational and ambiental musical expression.
In spontaneous improvisations and in the act of “live composing” are reflected the musical experiences of Deni Omeragik (double bass), Ninoslav Spirovski (clarinet, tenor, saxophone), Martin Georgievski (electronics, guitar) and Vladimir Martinovski (tambourine, kaval, percussions). In the course of 2019 Silent Spring Quartet is planning to record their first album.